Andrew Palmer

Andrew Palmer is a Portland-based fabricator specializing in custom metal and wood work.

Andrew got his start in high school shop. What he thought would be an “easy A” turned into a lifelong pursuit and by the time Andrew was a senior he was doing double duty, finishing school and heading a weld-repair shop in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Andrew moved back to Oregon to run a shop for a Salem based development company and construction company. He later moved to Portland to work for Gunderson welding rail cars. In the 8 years he worked at Gunderson he became a team lead and safety mentor, taught employees how to weld, and designed and built fixtures and safety devices.

Now he creates unique fabrications, both architectural and ornamental. His work ranges from tabletop sculptures to custom building signage to adaptable use objects such as bike racks and media stands. Andrew's work is not merely decorative but also functional, striking the perfect balance between fine design and everyday use.

While his specialty is primarily in metal and wood creations, he also enjoys the challenge of exploring beyond geometric figures. He divides his time between structured object fabrication and freer expressions of form.

His one-of-a-kind pieces are inspired by his mission to turn imagination into form. His thoughtful process allows clients to envision unique, custom pieces that are created with both meaning and function. 

He loves to see his work in use in the world.