Twisted Tree

The original design was made from a piece of 22 gauge sheet metal and was only 2 inches tall. This one is also made from 22 gauge sheet metal and braced with 1/4 inch round stock. It is about 16 inches tall. Finished with a torch for color.

twisted tree sculpture 2.jpg





Ring Holder

Carved hand ring holder. Carved from cherry wood. Made to the scale of the clients hand and ring sizes. It is finished with a clear varnish.

cherry hand ring holder 1.jpg

St. Johns Bridge

st. johns bridge wall sculpture.jpg

Plasma cut design of Portland Oregon's St. Johns Bridge. Cut into 1/8" steel plate and frame with 3/4" steel angle. Its finished with a clear coat.

Dresser Drawer Coffee Table

Coffee table made from recycled skeleton key dresser drawers. Steel square tubing frame. Both outside drawers can be used as book shelves.